5 Foodie Experiences in Ireland- Our Top Picks

ice cream

Did you know that Ireland is the birthplace of some of the most delicious, authentic and incredible foods on the planet?

The average visitor to Ireland would probably pop for a pint of Guinness, try a plate of colcannon and even enjoy a plate of seafood from the Wild Atlantic Way.

But I’m certain that you’re not just ‘an average visitor’.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say that you’re unique and you want to experience something far more unusual, more authentically Irish and more memorable than a few traditional plates of food.

You want something AMAZING!

So I’ve put together a list of our six top foodie experiences that you can enjoy when you come and visit Ireland.

Expect to treat your tastebuds from Dublin, to Sligo, to County Clare, to Galway, to Kilkenny and everywhere inbetween.

1) Irish Ice-Cream munching @ Murphy’s (Dingle)

Imagine wrapping your tongue around an insanely high-quality ice-cream crafted from distilled Irish rainwater, local sea salt, pure cane sugar and fresh local cream…

Sounds like every ice-cream connoisseur’s heaven, doesn’t it?

Head to Murphy’s Ice-Cream shop in Dingle, Dublin, Killarney, Galway or Kilkenny and experience this for yourself. You won’t be sorry!

2) Foraging & Wild Food Picnic (Lahinch, County Clare)

If you’re a fan of getting out and about in nature and really connecting with the landscape, you’ll love to experience the foraging and wild food picnic offered by the lovely people at Wild Kitchen in Lahinch.

Over the course of the 3 hour trip, you’ll enjoy a walk and talk from Oonagh whilst you explore the seashore, hedgerow, woodland and farmland and forage for seasonal wild edible herbs, vegetables, seaweeds, roots, seeds & berries.

You’ll learn how to do it all safely and legally, how to identify edible plants (and also poisonous lookalikes, get a ton of recipe ideas and then finish off with a wild food picnic in Arzon park, overlooking the Atlantic ocean. Amazing!

3) Make your own great cheese (Kilkenny)

No trip to Ireland would be complete without a cheese tasting session (or ten)! But why limit yourself to just that when you could be learning the amazing art of cheese making from the award-winning Knockdrinna Farmhouse ?

Based in beautiful Stonyford in Kilkenny, this one-day course will teach you everything you need to know about creating yummy cheeses at home, plus treat you to a tour of the cheese making facility and provide you with a cheese-tasting lunch. Yum!

4) Irish seaweed harvesting plus mussel tasting (Sligo)

Ready for a true culinary adventure? Then why not roll those sleeves up and get involved in an amazing Irish pastime- seaweed harvesting on the Wild Atlantic Way.

Follow  Dr Prannie Rhatigan as she guides you along the seashore in Coney Island, introducing everything you could even want to know about edible seaweed.

Then you’ll round it off in the award-winning Trá Bán Restaurant by enjoying a lunch of local Lissadell mussels cooked on an open fire.

5) Afternoon Tea (Galway)

And finally, to complete your Irish food adventure, finish off by satisfying that sweet tooth with an afternoon tea of hand-cut sandwiches, homemade scones with cream, pastries and freshly brewed tea (or coffee) at the beautiful (and cosy) Cupan Tae in Galway.

So don’t be like the rest of the visitors to Ireland- if you really want to taste the best food treats that our country has to offer, make sure you add one of these experiences to your itinerary this trip.

And who knows, perhaps you’ll wow your friends and family with your culinary expertise…