5 Must-See Documentaries about Ireland

Stuck inside because of bad weather? Is your trip to Ireland still weeks away? Are you missing your last holiday to Ireland and you can’t wait to get back? Never fear- I’ve gathered together some of the best documentaries about Ireland out there so you can feel inspired and in awe of our beautiful country.

I’ve included links wherever possible plus suggestions of where you can stay if watching isn’t enough and you want to come and explore Ireland for yourself.

So curl up with a box of popcorn, get that fire lit and enjoy these great documentaries.

#1: BBC Ireland with Simon Reeve

bbc 2 ireland simon reeve

In this brilliant travel and adventure, explorer and writer Simon Reeve ventures across Ireland, doing a spot of surfing, mountain climbing, walking and exploring many of our thriving cities.

Watch the episodes here.

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#2: BBC The Story of Ireland Documentary

If you’re a history buff, you’re going to love this epic Irish history series! Reaching back in time from the Invasions, to conquest, to revolution, to union and finally to the age of nations, this series gives you everything you need to know about Irish history- perfect to swot up before your trip.

Watch the episodes here:
Ep 1 , Ep 2 , Ep 3 , Ep 4, Ep 5

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#3: Waveriders Irish Surfing Movie (2008)

Learn the story of big wave surfing in Ireland by watching this brilliant film (not to be confused with many other films of the same name!)

It’s unusual, offbeat and features tons of surfing names such as world champion Kelly Slater, Kevin Naughton, and the Malloy brothers. It’s definitely a must-see if you want to learn more about the Irish roots of surfing, plus gasp at the MASSIVE waves.

Watch it here

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#4: PBS Food: Ireland: The Original Fare

Irish food is amazing! Don’t believe me? Then sit back with a bucket of your finest nibbles and join Kelly Cox as she whisks her mother away to Ireland on an Irish adventure! They enjoy fresh wild mussels, make their own butter and learn the art of foraging. Perfect watching material for all foodies.

Watch it here

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#5: National Geographic Wild Ireland Documentary

National Geographic ALWAYS do it best, especially in this great documentary about the wild side of Ireland- nature. Explore every part of the country and come away feeling like you really know the real Ireland.

Watch it here

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There’s nothing like a documentary to get you feeling uplifted, inspired and perhaps even educated. So enjoy these documentaries and come explore our emerald isle for yourself.