5 Great Experiences and Tours to Enjoy in Dublin

Visiting Dublin is right there at the top of many people’s bucket lists. So quite rightly, if you’re lucky enough to make the trip, you want to make the most of your time here in Ireland’s capital. Especially if you’re not blessed with months of vacation time.

In our experience, the one of the best ways to get a taste of the real Dublin; Irish food, Irish history, Irish pubs, Irish traditional music and even Irish adventure, is to book yourself onto one of the many brilliant guided tours and experiences on offer in our capital.

Instead of wandering around, hoping you catch all of the cool stuff, experts can take you by the hand and show you what you absolutely can’t miss when you come visit. Here’s our pick of the top five.

#1: A traditional Irish music pub crawl

Even if you’re not much of a drinker, the one of the essential tours you need to do is this Irish pub crawl.

Unlike many other pub crawls, it doesn’t just focus on those iconic traditional pubs and help introduce you to that quintessential Irish beverage- the pint of Guinness. It also guides you through the story of Irish music from the old days right up to the 21st century in the heart of Dublin; Temple Bar.

Your pub crawl will include plenty of Irish pubs, great explanations about the music itself if you need it. Unfortunately, drinks aren’t included….;)

Find out more here → Dublin Temple Bar Traditional Pub Crawl With Irish Music

#2: A foodie tour

These days, Dublin’s foodie scene is exploding, and Irish food is gaining great recognition the world over for its focus on smaller, independent businesses, that mouth-watering blend of the rustic, authentic and honest food, plus a modern twist that makes it all so moreish.

If this sounds great to you, book yourself onto the Delicious Dublin Tour. You’ll taste the best food Irish has to offer, learn more about the Irish food scene and enjoy an intimate, friendly group experience.

Find out more here → Delicious Dublin Tours

#3: A guided hike

Just because you’re in the capital, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of the wonderful wide open spaces of the Irish great outdoors, even if you’re on the shortest of trips.

We love the tours offered by Hilltop Treks, especially their ‘Celts and Castles’ tour of the beautiful Boyne Valley. Sign up for this guided walk through this World Heritage site which guides you through Irish history, right from the Neolithic times, to the Celts, the Pagans, the Viking and Norman invasions, and even the Irish rebellions. You’ll see castles, ancient tombs, ancient hills, monestaries and much more besides.

Find out more → Hilltop Treks


#4: A city history tour

Dublin is a city which boasts so much history and culture. Make sure you don’t miss anything by joining one of the historical tours offered in the city.

We love the tours offered by Historical Walking Tours of Dublin because of the depth of knowledge their guides have.

You’ll learn the essentials of Irish history, including the development of Dublin, the revolutions, the Potato Famine, the War of Independence, the conflict with Northern Ireland and much more besides. Imagine how impressed your friends will be…

Find out more here→ Historical Walking Tours of Dublin

#5: Dublin by kayak

If you’re looking for a memorable experience which will give you a very unique and very awesome view of Dublin, sign up for the trips offered by City Kayaking.

Not only are their guides really friendly and the trip really eye-opening and FUN, they also organise fortnightly live music performances that you can listen to under the bridges of Dublin.

What’s not to like about this awesome experience?

Find out more here→ City Kayaking

Of course, this isn’t where the Dublin experiences and tours end. There’s an experience (or ten!) to suit almost every taste and interest, so be sure to look them up and get involved.

Don’t forget that your hostel receptionist will be a source of great local info too- make sure you ‘pick our brains’ when you check in and we’ll be very happy to help.

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