What You Can Do in Ireland When It Rains

Boasting between 150 and 225 days of rain per year, you can be pretty sure that you’ll encounter a drop or two of the wet stuff when you come here on vacation.

But fear not! We’ve gathered together everything you need to know about surviving a rainy day or two in Ireland and still make the most of your trip.

Here goes:

1. Wait ten minutes…

Seriously! The weather in Ireland is so changeable that you don’t need to panic if you throw back your hostel curtains and see dark skies and rain, or you get caught outside in a downpour.

Just wait for a few minutes, shelter somewhere and the shower is quite likely to pass.

rainbow ireland


2. Check your bag for waterproof clothes or an umbrella

It always pays to be prepared. If you’re outside when it rains, just throw on your wet weather gear and you can keep on doing whatever you’re doing!

But don’t worry if arrive in Ireland without this stuff- it’s pretty easy to find a shop selling umbrellas, waterproof jackets and more. Just ask a friendly local and they’re sure to help.

umbrella rain ireland

3. Duck into a pub for a pint

Do what the locals do and make the most of the bad weather by ducking into a pub for a quick pint (or other drink of your choice) By the time you’ve enjoyed your drink, the shower should be over and you can hit the tourist trail again.

guinness in a pub

4. Stop for a nibble

Always wanted to try a plate of fish and chips, a full breakfast, Irish stew Colcannon, black pudding or any other kind of famous Irish grub (slang: food)? Now’s your chance!

Whether you’re in a city like Dublin, Galway or Cork, or you’re out in the countryside, you’re sure to find some tasty Irish food on offer. Something else to tick off your bucket list perhaps?

eating out

5. Visit a castle or museum

One of the best parts of having a country dotted with famous castles and brilliant museums is that they’re somewhere you can explore whatever the weather brings your way.

Of course, exploring castle ruins might not be the best idea, but choose carefully and you might just have one of those surprise travel experiences that really make the trip memorable.

6.  Enjoy your hostel’s book and board game collection

Your hostel is the perfect place to cosy up and dry off from the rain. Many hostels have  gorgeous open fires, great book collections or book exchanges and even board games or DVDs you can enjoy if you really can’t face going outside.


7. Go make friends with a fellow traveller and exchange travel stories

Hostels are great because you get to meet so many lovely people who are probably itching for a decent conversation and desperate to share their amusing (and embarrassing) travel stories with you.


So when it’s raining, grab the opportunity to chat, to make new friends and to connect with likeminded people who understand where you’re coming from!

Don’t let the fact that Ireland can be really rainy deter you from booking that trip. Even if ‘rain stops play’, you can still have a great time in Ireland and it will look just as beautiful!