Solo Female Travel in Ireland. Is it Safe?

Did you know that Ireland isn’t just safe for solo female travellers- it’s absolutely brilliant?!

solo female travel ireland

It’s sooo great that countless travel blogs keep voting it one of the best places in the whole world for solo female travel. Yay!

So there can be no doubt about it- Ireland is an essential (and gorgeous) European travel destination that deserves pride of place at the top of your travel bucket list.

What better perfect place is there to experience all the adventure and friendliness of Ireland plus start your own epic solo female adventure than right here on our emerald isle??

Here’s everything you need to know about travelling as a solo female in Ireland:


Where should I stay?

Let’s be honest- you know what my answer is going to be on this one…HOSTELS!!

Not only are they very budget-friendly, have great facilities and are usually located right in the middle of the action, they’re also great for meeting people.

You see, stay at a hostel, and you’ll soon forget that you arrived alone! You’ll find yourself surrounded by tons of awesome like-minded people who are up for some adventure and want to experience the real Ireland too.

(And it doesn’t matter if you’re shy- introverts also manage to make friends easily in hostels too.)

Hostel staff are also a fab source of insider travel info and will be excited to share with your everything they know about their village, town or city. Just ask!


isaacs hostel ireland

And the dorm rooms in hostels?..

Don’t worry- most hostels offer gorgeous comfy private rooms, cosy smaller dorms and even female-only rooms if you feel uncomfortable with the idea of sharing with the opposite sex.

And as a word of reassurance- you really don’t need to worry about mixed sex dorm rooms. Most fellow travellers and backpackers are very respectful and behave themselves at all times 🙂

solo female travel ireland 2

What about getting around?

You don’t have to opt for a rental car if you want to visit Ireland as a solo female (unless you want to!). Ireland boasts some great public transport options and you’ll be happy to know that they’re all great options for solo female travellers.

You can choose from local buses, long-distance coaches, train and even organised tours and group trips that can take you from Dublin to other stunningly beautiful must-see parts of Ireland.

Just make sure you take the usual precautions to make sure you stay safe if you use public transport- keep your valuables tucked out of sight and don’t hang around train stations or bus stations late at night or early in the morning.

Will I still be able to go to pubs, drink pints of Guinness and listen to live Irish music?

Don’t let being a solo female traveller stop you from enjoying the best in Irish entertainment- a traditional (authentic) Irish pub, a pint of Guinness and some live Irish music…

Get a great pub recommendation from the hostel staff and go there! Then go right up to the bar, order your pint of Guinness and the rest will happen as if by magic.

Irish people are really warm, friendly and will welcoming and will often take you under their wing when they find out you’re visiting from whatever exotic location you come from.

They will love making friends- many solo female travellers have soon found themselves making friends being introduced to everyone in the pub and having the night of their life!

Get past your initial fear of drinking alone, find your inner confidence and you’ll have an amazing time!



So to summarise everything we’ve said here, Ireland is definitely a very safe place for all solo female traveller and should be added to the top of your travel bucket list. Just exercise the usual safety precautions, stay open to the adventure and you will discover the real Ireland, with or without a travel buddy.