Why You Should Definitely Stay at Our Irish Hostels, NOT a Hotel

hostels not hotel

Calling all hostel virgins and ex-hostel guests who think they’re getting “a bit old for hostel life”! You really should come and stay at our awesome Irish hostels.

Yes, I know I’m ever so slightly biased (aherm….) but for a good reason. You see, hostels are far superior to hotels in just about every way.

Full of character, completely authentic and a great option for those who want a quick, affordable weekend trip away without the ‘frills and fuss’ of a fancy hotel, our Irish hostels will tick all of the boxes and make you fall head over heels in love with Ireland and the Irish.

Now, I’m sure you’re not about to just take my word for it without some great supporting evidence, so settle back and let me explain exactly why you should be choosing to stay at one of our hostels instead of a hotel on your next trip to Ireland.

Hostels are much more budget-friendly!

Let’s be honest- the main attraction of staying in a hostel is usually the price!

Hostels are usually far cheaper than hotel rooms, especially if you opt for a dorm room. This is brilliant because as travellers, global explorers or people who want a bit more from our travel experience, we’re a bit more mindful about where each of our travel euros goes.

Stay at a hostel and you can spend more money on the fun stuff!

You’ll make great friends in hostels (and see friendly faces)

The problem with hotels is that you just get tucked away in your own little room without meeting anyone else apart from the hotel staff. It can be sad, it can be lonely, and it can also be slightly inauthentic.

Not so with a hostel!

Almost as soon as you walk through the door, you’ll get a great warm welcome and find new friends around every corner. Plus, you can head off with these new friends and explore our awesome country if you want, and share your authentic Irish travel experience together.

Hostels help you save money on food by cooking for yourself

Unlike hotels, most hostels have a kitchen that all guests are free to use whenever they want. This means you don’t have to fork out on expensive café and restaurant meals that really hammer your budget and you can instead head to the local markets and stock up on really affordable food.

This is especially brilliant if you have special food requirements, like you’re gluten-free, you’re diabetic, you’re vegan or Paleo or you have a particular food allergy.

Generator hostel dublin

Generator Hostel, Dublin

Hostels give you loads of FREE stuff

Hostels will almost always provide a free light breakfast as part of the deal with free coffee (yay!) and tea thrown in too.

But not just that, they also organise loads of free stuff that will help you get to know the local area, like free city tours, pub crawls and other great entertainment. If not, they’ll always point you in the direction of where you can find some and they’ll throw in a smile and probably give you some great juicy tips along the way too.

And the hostel staff are always awesome!

Sometimes it can feel like you’ve just parachuted into the best-ever adventure series when you stay at one of our Irish hostels, because our hostel staff are truly awesome and live secret double-lives. Yes, really.

They might look like your average hostel receptionist, but actually they’re full of amazing travel and adventure stories of their own. They secretly scale The Burren on their days off, or they have walls of medals for taking part in epic trail runs, or they would love to tell you about that time they went off and battled crocs with their bare hands…(maybe not on that last one….)

See? I told you that our Irish hostels are completely amazing!

You get the free travel stuff, some great new friends to share your new memories with, you meet amazing people with a ton of travel stories, you notice just how quirky and original our hostel staff are AND you also get to save ‘a few bob’.

You certainly don’t get that with hotels, do you?