Check Out These Awesome Waterfalls in Ireland

Gorgeous waterfalls are probably the last thing you think of when you’re planning a trip to Ireland, but it turns out that there are numerous gorgeous waterfalls dotted around the country.

Some might be impressive and spectacular, and other might be on the smaller side, but they’re all well worth a visit when you come to Ireland.

Here’s our pick of the top five:

waterfalls in ireland

#1: Torc Waterfall – Killarney, Kerry

Torc waterfall is located in Killarney National Park along the Ring of Kerry and it’s one of the most famous waterfalls in Ireland. Pay it a visit and you’ll see why!

The woodland at the bottom of Torc Mountain is stunning and standing at the bottom and seeing all that fresh Irish water cascading towards you is a quite an experience.

Be sure to check it out just after a heavy rainfall for the most impressive views! Be aware that it’s a popular place during tourist season, so be prepared!

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#2: Aasleagh Falls, Galway/Mayo Border

Visit this beautiful waterfall for the incredible panoramic views, and stand in awe, inhaling that rich scent of the Irish countryside that reminds you why you’ve come to this country in the first place.

Aasleagh Falls is in the Erriff Valley in South Mayo and it’s a lush and unspoilt area, boasting mountains, moors and lowlands that remain as wild as nature intended.

Aasleagh Falls

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#3: Clare Glens, Tipperary

For those of you who like throwing on your hiking books and exploring, you’ll love Clare Glens. This sandstone gorge cradles the Clare River which offers not one, but several lovely waterfalls along the way. Come walk the scenic path along the river and see what you can spot.

Clare Glens

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#4: Powerscourt Waterfall – Enniskerry, Wicklow

If you’re travelling with kids, be sure to head to the Powerscourt Estate and check out the highest waterfall in Ireland, Powerscourt Waterfall, towering at 121m (398ft.)

It’s just 45 minutes south of Dublin and near the Wicklow Mountains, and there’s plenty for kids to do here, including playing in the playground, having a picnic or strolling around exploring what nature has to offer.

As it’s part of the Powerscourt Estate, there is a charge to get in and there are certain opening hours, so please do check before you plan a visit.

Powerscourt Waterfall

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#5: Glenevin Waterfall – Clonmany, Donegal

And finally, if you’re in Donegal, put a trip to Glenevin Waterfall on your list. It’s not far to walk and it’s a lovely place to get outside and feel impressed by what Irish nature has to offer.

There isn’t a cover charge for this place and it’s not so well known by tourists so it’s like to be more peaceful than the others (although I can’t make any promises!) It’s also a great, scenic place for a picnic, so pack your bag with goodies and get exploring!

Glenevin Waterfall

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As you can see from the pictures, there are some really fantastic waterfalls in Ireland, of which these are just a small taster, so be sure to add them to your travel itinerary when you come to Ireland.

If you want more, be sure to ask your friendly reception staff for their recommendations.


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